Billy Doe (a fictitious name) v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia, et al., No. 110702430 (Phila. County Ct. of Common Pleas)

Boni & Zack are co-counsel with the firm McLaughlin & Lauricella in this clergy sexual abuse action against the Philadelphia Archdiocese, Cardinal Anthony Bevilaqua, Monsignor William Lynn, and three alleged sexual abusers of the plaintiff when he was ten years old, Father Charles Engelhardt, the defrocked priest William Avery and former catholic school teacher Bernard Shero. This gut wrenching case seeks to vindicate Billy Doe, now in his early 20's, for the alleged serial sexual abuse and rape he was forced to endure by the three perpetrators and for the supervising defendants' having allegely permitted such unspeakable acts to be committed while under their watch. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has just answered plaintiff's complaint, and plaintiff is awaiting the responses to the complaint from the remaining defendants. Discovery will commence shortly.