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Boni, Zack & Snyder LLC represents clients in complex civil litigation, particularly plaintiffs in antitrust, intellectual property, and consumer protection actions. Many of our cases are class actions, where we serve as class counsel, often in a lead position.

Our attorneys have experience litigating antitrust cases alleging price fixing, monopolization, and other restraints of trade, and consumer cases involving product defects, fraudulent billing practices, negative option billing practices, and other deceptive and unfair business practices. We also represent plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases, including intellectual property, securities, ERISA, and breach of contract.

In addition, the firm represents public sector clients in class action and other complex litigation. We represent cities and other municipalities, pension funds, county governments, and a labor union representing government employees in order to vindicate their legal interests by seeking recoveries for losses resulting from unlawful corporate practices.

We also handle cases of child sexual abuse, having represented a dozen victims of abuse by Jerry Sandusky, and a victim of abuse by two priests and a teacher in the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

In all matters, we serve our clients with zeal, intelligence, and integrity. We are committed to obtaining the best litigation outcome for each client, whether by motion, trial, or settlement.